The planning department works in accordance with the following working practices unless we believe that there are exceptional circumstances that justify a different approach on a particular application:

  •  Not entering into negotiation on applications that could go beyond the determination date unless there is agreement to a suitable extension of time;
  • Not negotiating on applications where:
    • A proposal is unacceptable in principle;
    • There is an objection from a statutory consultee (e.g. EA, Highways England, Historic England, Sport England);
    • Where further marketing or wildlife surveys are required;
    • Where the extent of negotiation would result in a fundamentally different proposal in our opinion;
    • Where not in accordance with pre-application advice.
  • Not accepting the submission of unsolicited plans;
  •  Only accepting amendments to an application that are submitted as a single package;
  • Limiting the number of amendments on an application to 1 set and 1 further round of consultation.