The Council also offers a Members Advisory Panel for major applications.

This is a group of senior officers and Councillors and other interested parties who can listen to a presentation from the agent and then through its officers respond in writing.

The Council has a protocol for dealing with requests from agents to put a proposal before the MAP. Officers can advise if a particular scheme warrants a submission to the MAP.

The Member’s Planning Advisory Group is comprised of:-

  • The Chairman and Vice-Chair of the Development Management Committee
  • The Chairman and Vice Chair of Strategic Planning Committee
  • Coast, Country and Environment Portfolio Holder and Assistant Portfolio Holder
  • Economy and Assets Portfolio Holder and Assistant Portfolio Holder – as appropriate
  • Sustainable Homes and Communities Portfolio Holder - as appropriate
  • Climate Action Portfolio Holder and Assistant Portfolio Holder – as appropriate
  • Ward Members.
  • Relevant Officers – as appropriate

The system for running this group would be as follows:-

(i)   Developers to make presentation to Member’s Planning Advisory Group with Officers present.

(ii)   Members to have previously acquainted themselves with the site in question by a site visit with Officers.

(iii)   Members to ask questions of the Developers, seek clarification, test arguments but not to give any form of view in support or against the proposals.

(iv)   Advice on the way forward or changes to be made to the proposal would be provided by the Officers to the Developers in writing following advice from Members in a debate once the developers have left the meeting.

(v)   Any Member of the Planning Advisory Group who has a personal or prejudicial interesting the proposal should not form part of the group for that particular site.