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Policy Street name and numbering policy

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12. Address locality

a) Localities within the official postal address are the responsibility of Royal Mail. Where applicants object to a locality name in their postal address, the Street Name and Numbering team will advise them to consult Royal Mail, who has a procedure laid down in their code of practice by the Postal Services Commission for adding or amending locality details.

b) We will however remind applicants that postal addresses are not geographically accurate descriptions, but routing instructions for Royal Mail staff and they can and do contain names for villages, towns and cities that are several miles away.

c) Royal Mail does not have any authority to issue or confirm addresses. It is responsible for setting the post town and post code for a property. On occasions, Royal Mail may use a different locality detail for their ‘postal address’ to the one contained on our register. We will do everything we can to ensure consistency between our address and their postal address.