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Policy Street name and numbering policy

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9. If the dwelling does not have planning permission

a) We will forward all such requests to Council Tax / Commercial Rating and Planning Enforcement. If Council Tax / Commercial Rates make an assessment on the property, we will start the addressing process as long as there is a secure mail delivery point.

b) We will not number properties without relevant planning permissions. Only dwelling descriptions will be accepted. If an applicant fails to provide an acceptable dwelling description then a descriptive name will be issued. Such names can be changed later by the applicant following the standard procedure (this will incur our standard fee). The reason behind this is to ensure the numbering sequence of any street is not disrupted by additional properties which have not gained proper planning permission and therefore are likely to be subject to enforcement action, which may ultimately result in their removal.

c) Note: It may be necessary to number such a property (if it is situated on a numbered street) once planning permission has been granted.

d) Issuing an address to properties without planning permission will have no bearing on planning matters or be capable of being used in support of any planning appeal.

e) Under no circumstances will we grant an official address without either planning permission (for a business or residential premise) or an assessment for Council Tax or NNDR being in place. This includes agricultural and other land. We will not allocate a postal address purely for deliveries or satellite navigation systems unless there is a registered business on site with a secure delivery point. This conforms to Royal Mail policy and guidelines.