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Policy Street name and numbering policy

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16. Procedure to name / re-name an existing street

a) All requests to name a currently unnamed street or to rename a named street will be forwarded to the relevant Ward Councillors in the case of the City, or to the appropriate Town or Parish Council in the case of the Districts. The relevant body will then need to agree to the request and to any suggested name, and arrange for the affected property owners to be canvassed.

b) Requests to name an unnamed street or rename a street will only be progressed if it can be demonstrated that the owners of all affected properties have been consulted and all are in agreement. A canvass form detailing the changes and signed by all the property owners would be acceptable.

c) In the case of a privately owned street, the request will only be actioned if the owner of the street agrees. Proof of ownership will be required, for example, Land Registry documentation.

d) If the request is to rename an existing street, the request must be justified by legitimate reasons in order for it to be forwarded to the relevant Ward Councillors or Town / Parish Council. A dislike of a street name would not normally constitute a legitimate reason for changing it.

e) The suggested new street name will need to be confirmed as acceptable by Royal Mail and / or the Fire & Rescue Service and final confirmation will be required from a Council Corporate Director.

f) Where addresses are changed as a result of the naming or renaming of a street we will arrange for Royal Mail to amend their records. We will also notify a number of bodies including the Valuation Office Agency, Land Registry and the emergency services. We will not take any responsibility for any issues which may arise from the address change with third parties such as utility companies or insurance companies.

g) All costs associated with providing and erecting new street nameplates will have to be met by the owners who request the new street name except in exceptional circumstances where at its discretion the Town / Parish Council / City Council will provide and install the nameplates. Once sited, the District Council or City Council will maintain all nameplates on the street if it is adopted by the highway authority.