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Policy Street name and numbering policy

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11. Providing postcodes

a) When an approved address is agreed by all parties, Royal Mail will confirm a postcode. The maintenance and any future changes to this postcode are Royal Mail’s responsibility.

b) Street Naming and Numbering is not responsible for issuing postcodes. This is the responsibility of Royal Mail. However they will not issue a postcode for a new street or property until requested to do so by the Council.

c) The Royal Mail primary objective is the efficient delivery of mail; sometimes the town, locality or postcode may not be quite as expected. Often this is out of our control.

d) The Royal Mail policy also states: If a field/barn is part of a larger site that has an existing postal address, then under Royal Mails Universal Service Obligation, Royal Mail will deliver mail to the delivery point for that main address only. Onward distribution of the mail is not Royal Mails responsibility.

e) If the field/barn is not part of a larger site that is a postal address then it is not an address and does not qualify for any form of mail delivery.

f) Royal Mail will not allocate a postal address/postcode to a piece of land, allotment or uninhabited barn for the purpose of deliveries.

g) Applicants should be aware that if they are seeking to change an address there could be a resulting change of postcode, which is outside the control of the Council. This is most likely where the proposed change relates to a road name change or for a sub division into flats. For the simple addition of a house name it is unlikely that there would be a change of postcode.

h) Postcodes for commercial premises are allocated in the same way as residential premises, but a large company or business can apply to Royal Mail for its own code, known as a large user code. Application for a large user code is the responsibility of the user, as they will know what volume of mail they generate.