The materials we collect at the kerb-side are valuable resources which are put to good use to give both environmental and economic benefits.

All the materials we collect are used as secondary raw materials for manufacturing, used to produce products for local agriculture or used to generate electricity.

In the case of textiles, as much as possible is re-used.

Dry recyclables 

Cans, tins, glass, plastics, cardboard and paper.

These are all separated at our plant at Greendale and baled and sent to a range of processors.

After processing they are sent to manufacturers to be used as secondary raw materials to make new products. Most of the processors are located in the UK but sometimes we use processors based in Europe.

Small electricals

These are sent to a processor based in Exeter where the recyclable materials are extracted to be used as secondary raw materials in manufacturing.

Food waste

The food waste we collect is taken to an Anaerobic Digester in the South West where the plant processes the food waste into methane which is used to generate electricity. The left over digestate is then used as a fertiliser on local farms.

If you are interested in finding out more take a look at this short video.


The textiles we collect are passed onto the Salvation Army who sell them in their charity shops.

The other items are exported to a range of developing countries where they are re-used.

The money raised by the Salvation Army helps to fund the charitable works that the organisation delivers giving a wide range of social benefits.

Green waste

The green waste we collect from households is taken to a site within East Devon where it is composted over a period of around 18 weeks.

The compost is then taken to farms in East Devon where it is used as a valuable soil conditioner. A small quantity is also used as a mulch on the beds in East Devon’s parks.


After recycling as much as possible we are left with residual waste or refuse. This is put to good use as it is taken to Exeter where it is used as feedstock for a waste powered power station -  an Energy from Waste plant.

The electricity produced by the plant helps provide power to homes and businesses in Devon.

To watch a short video about this and learn more, please click on the energy from waste link on this page.