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1. What is clinical waste?

PLEASE NOTE: Nappy/incontinence products and colostomy bags can be placed in the wheeled bin/gull sack.

Clinical waste is any item which can cause infection or maybe hazardous to health. For this reason it needs to be disposed of separately.

Clinical waste may include:

  • sharps - needles and syringes
  • swabs and dressings
  • empty insulin cartridges
  • dialysis products

If you have medical waste please contact your health care worker to find out whether you need this service.

Absorbent hygiene products (AHP) such as incontinence pads or sheets and colostomy bags should be double-bagged and placed into your wheeled bin.

Please note we can collect containers that have purple lids but any replacement boxes need to be provided by a healthcare professional at your doctors surgery or hospital.