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7. Inside storage solutions for recycling and waste

Many guests appreciate good recycling facilities as part of a convenient stay, so make it easy for them. It can be easy to overlook the simple things in holiday accommodation that visitors need to recycle, so please follow these tips:

Recycling containers

Provide some recycling containers for guests to use indoors. A couple of containers by the waste bin is a good idea. These can be labelled to make it easy for guests to know which container to use for what material. This makes it quick and simple to decant into the two outdoor containers (your recycling box and sack) when they’re full. Contact us if you need labels.

Food waste

Make it easy for guests to know they can use the small indoor food caddy by putting it in the kitchen. This can be emptied into the bigger outdoors food caddy when it’s full. Providing something to line the caddies (newspaper or a carrier bag or compostable liner ) is a nice touch which guests appreciate.