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6. Recycling communication with your guests

Please encourage your guests to recycle as much as possible. Your guests will really appreciate instructions inside the property that are easy to follow so they know what to do with their recycling and waste. This contributes to an easy, pleasant stay, and boosts your reputation as a host. This is especially so as people are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and the importance of recycling.

We’ve produced a handy recycling guide for you to provide to your guests.  Please put it in your guests’ welcome pack. It could also be laminated and kept near indoor or outdoor recycling containers.

Please remember that guests may come from different areas of the UK or other countries, so they’ll be used to a different recycling system. It’s your responsibility to make sure they take care of their recycling in the right way here. Guests may also need clear guidance about when and where to put out the
waste and recycling containers if you need them to do that.

Download the East Devon App

Guests can download the East Devon District Council smartphone App for access to the A-Z of recycling. The A-Z can be used to check if an item can be recycled at the kerbside or local household waste recycling centre. By using the app your guests can also get simple personalised collection reminders, the latest collection updates and tell us about a missed collection. / app

Get our Alexa skill

Guests can ‘ask Alexa’ if they’re not sure what to recycle or when collection days are. We’ve created an Alexa skill that can be used on Amazon devices that are enabled with Alexa.

The skill is called ‘Ask East Devon District Council’ and is free. Installing an Alexa device in your holiday property could allow your guests to ask recycling questions like:

 ‘Alexa, Ask East Devon District Council: Can I recycle plastic bottles?’

 ‘Alexa, Ask East Devon District Council: When is my recycling collected?’

For more information go to the 'Ask Alexa' page on our website.