Guide Sustainability tips for your holiday property

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2. Help guests to be more environmentally friendly

It’s easy to be environmentally friendly in our own homes, but it can be more difficult when away and out of the routine. You can make it easier for guests with these tips.


We’ve prepared a handy recycling guide for you to help your guests. Please put it in your welcome pack or another place that’s easy to see so they know what to do. Please encourage your guests to recycle as much as possible. They’ll appreciate instructions inside the property that are easy to follow so they know what to do with their recycling and waste. If you make it easy for your guests to recycle they will put less waste in the black bin. Smaller black bins cost less money too.


Electric vehicles: why not consider installing electric vehicle charging points for your guests. An energy saving trust case study said: ‘As electric vehicle ownership grows, a destination charging facility is a market differentiator when it comes to searching for overnight accommodation, whether for a longer holiday or short break. Guests use the charge points when they are in the cottages for part of the day, the evening or overnight, so it is very easy for them to relax and use their time as they wish.'

It would be a good idea to signpost an up-to-date list of local electric vehicle charging points to help your guests. The council also has a list of public car parks which have electric vehicle charging facilities.

Public transport: you could also encourage your guests to use public transport by providing information about bus or train routes. If guests could walk or cycle to some local attractions why not make this clear to them – as well as being good for the environment it could save them money on parking and fuel.

Electric bike hire: East Devon has several electric bike hire locations supplied by Co Bikes. For locations go to Some of the locations are close to the Exe Cycle Trail which would allow your guests to explore this beautiful area without using polluting vehicles.


If you provide your guests with a welcome pack, why not suggest that they support local businesses and buy organic fresh products from your favourite local shops, farm shops or street markets. This is an enjoyable part of a holiday experience for many people. Encourage your guests to use reusable bags for shopping rather than buy single use plastic carrier bags.

Reusable containers

If you provide reusable food storage containers for your guests to use this may cut down on the amount of foil or cling film they use. You could also provide or encourage guests to take reusable drinks containers when going out for the day.

Reducing energy

You could politely request that your guests try to reduce their carbon footprint by asking them to turn lights, devices and heating off when leaving the property.