Depending on the condition of the items, you may be able to have them taken away for free by the following companies or organisations or by taking them to your local recycling centre.


covers the whole of East Devon
Telephone: 01392 453057 - Email:

Trade and Donate Recycling Shop

Telephone: 01297 639988 or 01297 33075

Recycling in Ottery (RiO)

covers the central part of East Devon
Telephone: 01404 815825  

Devon’s Domestic Recycling

Honiton - covers most of East Devon
Telephone: 01404 758082 or 07880 512 327

Exeter Turntable 

covers the west part of East Devon, up to Honiton area
Telephone: 01392 202032


Chard - covers the east part of East Devon
Telephone: 01460 68221

Freecycle and Freegle

Post an advert with what you have and if someone else can make use of it you can arrange for them to collect it. It's all free!