Guide Ask East Devon District Council - Alexa skill

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1. General information

East Devon District Council has created an Alexa Skill that can be used on Amazon devices that are enabled with Alexa.

The skill is called Ask East Devon District Council and is free of charge but you do need an Alexa enabled device and an Amazon account to use it.

At the moment the skill covers the Recycling and Waste service and you can ask questions such as:

  • Alexa, Ask East Devon District Council: When is my recycling collected?
  • Alexa, Ask East Devon District Council: Can I recycle (then say the item)?

At the moment the Amazon smart speaker is the only system we are working with. The skill is currently not available under Google Home or Apple HomePod.

Please see our additional pages on Setting up and using the Alexa skill and How to report problems.

The East Devon Alexa Skill was made in conjunction with Cloud 9 Technologies. Their privacy policy can be viewed on their website.