The table below shows the adjusted collection days for 2021 bank holidays.

Don't forget that you can also download the East Devon mobile app to check collection dates and even receive advance notification of your collection dates.

Easter holidays  
Friday 2nd April Saturday 3rd April
Monday 5th April Tuesday 6th April
Tuesday 6th April Wednesday 7th April
Wednesday 7th April Thursday 8th April
Thursday 8th April Friday 9th April
Friday 9th April Saturday 10th April
Early May bank holiday  
Mon 3rd May Tue 4th May
Tue 4th May Weds 5th May
Weds 5th May Thu 6th May
Thu 6th May Fri 7th May
Fri 7th May Sat 8th May
Spring bank holiday  
Mon 31st May Tue 1st Jun
Tue 1st June Wed 2nd Jun
Wed 2nd June Thu 3rd Jun
Thu 3rd June Fri 4th Jun
Fri 4th Jun Sat 5th Jun
Summer bank holiday  
Mon 30th Aug Tue 31st Aug
Tue 31st Aug Wed 1st Sept
Wed 1st Sept Thu 2nd Sept
Thu 2nd Sept Fri 3rd Sept
Fri 3rd Sept Sat 4th Sept
Christmas holidays  
Amended collection dates to be confirmed