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1. Charges for collections

We can collect waste and recycling if the property has been identified as what is known as a 'schedule 2' property. These are properties which are either holiday homes, guest houses, universities, schools, and other educational establishments, charity shops, residential homes and camp sites.

We don't provide a commercial waste collection service for those not under schedule 2 as the cost of collection and disposal of commercial waste is not included in the business rates.
If you would like your commercial waste collected you need to contact a private contractor through a telephone directory or local newspaper. Details of private waste management companies can also be found on the online Waste Recycling Directory.

Waste will be collected every three weeks and recycling and food waste collections will take place on a weekly basis. Although the charges below are for the collecting of waste, recycling containers and food waste containers are provided as a standard part of the service.

Charges as follows:

- 1 x 180 litre wheeled bin £232.00
- 1 x 240 litre wheeled bin £325.00
- 1 x 660 litre wheeled bin £691.00
- 1 x 1100 litre wheeled bin £1055.00

All charges include VAT and are applicable from 1 April 2022.

All producers of waste are obliged to meet waste duty of care requirements in England and Wales. For details please go to the Waste duty of care code of practice