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1. Recycling credits

If you divert household waste from landfill through recycling or composting schemes, you may be eligible for recycling credits.

It costs over £40 to collect and dispose of each tonne of domestic waste in East Devon.

Under the Environmental Protection Act (1990) East Devon District Council (waste collection authority) and Devon County Council (waste disposal authority) are able to pay recyclers what it would have cost to dispose of the waste. This payment is in addition to anything you may receive from selling your materials.

Registration is straightforward but it is worth noting the following points:

  1. The waste has to come from domestic sources only. Credits are not paid on commercial or industrial waste. If you're collecting a mixture of domestic and commercial waste you must be able to give separate weights for them.
  2. Household waste includes waste from a domestic property, charity shop and schools and colleges but doesn't include waste from a business, office or clubhouse with a bar or shop.
  3. Examples of typical waste streams collected by third party groups include, newspapers, magazines, glass, cardboard, tins and cans, books (where recycled only), textiles and shoes, plastics or garden waste.
  4. Any individual or group collecting household waste for recycling can apply to register for recycling credits (subject to conditions).
  5. The waste must be collected from within the East Devon boundary. If you're collecting waste from other areas, you must register for credits with the recycling officer for that district.

The waste must be recycled via an approved recycler - a merchant or paper mill for example. We will let you know if there is a problem with your application.
To register for recycling credits you will need to know:

  • the operational and management details of the scheme - such as materials to be collected and method
  • the specific geographical area from which the waste will be collected
  • the ‘recycler’ to be used and their Environment Agency permit/exemption number
  • how you will evidence the weights claimed

For more information please email or call 01395 571515