Since 1st November 2016, East Devon District Council ceased to collect loose waste or bags of waste placed to the side of the wheeled bin.

Your bin should be sufficient for your needs. However for those one off occasions when you have surplus waste, a collection can be arranged as a chargeable service. For details please call customer service 01395 571515.

Please make sure everyone in your home knows what can be recycled in your green box, green sack and food caddy.

Number of boxes

You can have up to three recycling boxes, bags and food caddies. We will accept more recycling in plastic bags (not black bags) or a container no bigger than the green box.


Larger cardboard packing should be flattened and any polystyrene removed. It can then be placed underneath or to the side of the recycling box for collection at the kerbside.

If you have a large amount of excess card, please place this is out in smaller increments over the coming weeks


Compress the bin liners before they go in the bin, air takes up a lot of space.


Placing the bags in the bin sideways takes up less room.

If you have done all you can but are still struggling to get everything into your bin then please contact us by calling 01395 571515 or visit our contact us page.