Here are some tips which will help reduce waste quantities and prevent nuisance:


  • Only buy or defrost what you intend to eat within a few days
  • Choose food which generates minimal waste (e.g. off the bone meat)
  • Compost veg, fruit, egg shells, teabags but not waste from meat, fish, bread or processed foods
  • Cook simple meals from fresh
  • Don’t waste good food – keep an eye on “use by” dates

Household items, books, toys

  • Don’t replace: avoid, repair or re-use if you can
  • Break waste items down to use less space

Plastics, paper, cardboard

Our crews are having to deal with an increasing amount of cardboard material. If you have a large amount of cardboard please spread the amount over a few collections if possible.

  • Avoid packaged food or other excess packaging
  • Wash and squash containers and boxes
  • Buy fewer larger containers and refill smaller ones

Garden waste

  • Compost if you can