You can download our guide on the recycling service in East Devon

Recycling Box

Note: Please remember to place a lid on your box to keep the contents dry.

  • Cardboard - including brown corrugated cardboard boxes, thin card such as cereal boxes, ready meal sleeves, egg boxes, washing powder boxes and toilet and kitchen roll tubes. Pizza boxes - please remove any food residue.
  • Paper, newspapers, magazines, Yellow pages, junk mail (remove from plastic bags), envelopes - no need to remove windows. Please bag up shredded paper to reduce the risk of littering during collection.
  • Glass bottles and jars - rinsed with no lids. No other glass items.
  • Used household batteries - in clear plastic bags
  • Reusable clothes/shoes - No mattress protectors. Please bag clothes/shoes. Please do not use black refuse bags.
  • Small electrical items - kettles, toasters, irons, old household cables (tied). Please bag separately from clothing/shoes.
  • Used household batteries - place in a clear plastic bag.

Please do not place excess recycling out for collection in black refuse bags.

Recycling Sack

  • Plastics – such as yoghurt pots, plastic meat and vegetable trays, margarine and ice cream tubs, and plastic bottles (please squash bottles and leave lids on).
  • Cartons/Tetra Paks – such as orange juice cartons (Hard to recycle material, sent to an energy from waste plant)
  • Tins and cans - please rinse and ensure there are no sharp edges. Please include your metal jar and bottle lids.
  • Aluminium foil (including trays) - clean and dry please
  • Aerosols - empty

No cardboard or glass in the sack please.

Unfortunately we can't take the following

  • No plastic film, no polystyrene, no bubble wrap no soft pouches or crisp packets
  • Any other plastic items that we do not collect kerbside can be taken to your nearest recycling centre

Food Caddy

  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Cooked food
  • Uncooked food
  • Meat and fish (including bones)
  • Plate scrapings
  • Tea bags and tea/coffee grounds
  • Cat and dog food

You can line the caddy with newspaper or single use plastic bags such as carrier bags (not bag for life) or bread bags.

No compostable packaging, animal bedding, animal waste or liquids please

Food waste tips and useful information.

Green waste bin (subscription service)

  • Grass cuttings
  • Flowers
  • Small tree branches (under 10cm thick)
  • Loose leaves
  • Shrub and hedge trimmings 

Black wheeled bin

Your black wheeled bin or gull sack should contain any waste that can't go in the recycling box, bag or food caddy. This can include nappies or incontinence products.

The wheeled bin should not contain garden waste, rubble, hazardous waste or paint. These items may be taken by your local Devon County Council  recycling centre. Please call to check with your local centre on 03451551010.

Anything you can't recycle or use which is placed in your black wheeled bin will go to a waste to energy plant. If you are still unsure about an item please call our customer service team on 01395 571515 or email us or visit our contact us page.

Please note that we will only collect waste that is contained within our black wheeled bin or gull sack

For collection, all containers should be placed at the boundary of your property (where it meets the public highway). This is commonly referred to as the kerbside.