Vetting procedures ensure only reputable, permitted processors are traded with.

Vetting includes:

  • Customer validation contract.
  • Professional conduct vetting including criminal conviction declaration.
  • Licencing/permitting checks

Suez has a dedicated compliance manager who checks all reprocessors and sub-contractors before entering into a trading agreement with them. These checks are to ensure the materials are handled responsibly, in line with best practice and in accordance with all the relevant UK legislation.

Not only does Suez check the reprocessor or sub-contractor has all the relevant UK licences, the company also draws up a bespoke contract for any business it trades recyclable materials with.

This bespoke contract  requires reprocessors to comply with good industry practice as well as all applicable laws. Furthermore, dealers and brokers must provide evidence that each and every consignment of recyclable material has reached the end recovery facility. Suez also requires these companies, on a yearly basis, to give written confirmation that the end recovery facility has all the relevant permits and licenses to operate and operates on compliance with EU law.

Suez audits this information each year to ensure it remains up to date through the lifetime of our trading agreements.