East Devon District Council uses two means of accessing the markets to sell the materials we collect:

Devon County Council procured term contracts

These are contracts put in place for Devon district councils and Torbay Council to use. Typically they are in place for terms of 3-5 years. The districts can choose which contracts they use.

Within East Devon we use these arrangements for – paper, textiles, glass, food, small electricals

Market trading through SUEZ Trading Team

The SUEZ Trading Team continuously ‘spot’ trades East Devon’s materials direct to processors seeking materials. Materials are traded to obtain the best prices at any time using the SUEZ wider market analysis and access to processors.

Traded materials are – steel, aluminium, mixed plastics, cardboard

The combination of these two routes to market give EDDC a balance between the benefits of term arrangements and market trading

This helps EDDC maintain relationships with both DCC and SUEZ Trading Team and helps balance risk and reward