Recycling end use


End use

Paper Paper is reprocessed into 100% recycled paper for newsprint and packaging.
Cardboard Cardboard is sorted and reprocessed into new cardboard
Steel Cans Steel cans are recycled into many different steel products including cars, bridges   and cans.
Aluminium cans and foil Aluminium is melted and turned into ingots which are then used to make many different   products from foil trays to aeroplanes
Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays Plastic is sorted, shredded, melted and used to make many products like garden   furniture, refuse bags and drainage pipes.
Glass bottles and jars Glass is made back into glass bottles or jars
Clothes and textiles Textiles are sent for reuse in charity shops in the UK or exported for re-use in a   number of countries in West Africa, Eastern Europe or the Middle East
Small electrical equipment Metals, plastics, glass, batteries and circuit boards are separated and recycled or   reused in manufacturing.
Household Batteries Metals and compounds are recovered for use in manufacturing
Green Waste Composted and used as a soil conditioner at farms in East Devon. A small quantity is also used as a mulch on the beds in East Devon’s parks.
Food waste Food waste is used to generate electricity, provide gas for the grid and fertiliser for agriculture at an anaerobic digestion plant.