East Devon District Council (EDDC) is working with the Environment Agency (EA) to upgrade the sea and estuary defences in Exmouth through a partnership project.  This will align the Environment Agency’s flood improvement and EDDC’s wider coastal regeneration plans for the same areas outlined in the Exmouth Vision master plan.

EDDC are leading on the appraisal stage of the flood scheme to ensure that we maximise potential opportunities.  The project is looking at reducing flood risk from the estuary and sea front to over 1000 properties and the heart of the town’s economy. 

Exeter based WSP Consulting Engineers have been appointed to undertake the appraisal and business case preparation to release Government funding for the scheme.  Following the appraisal and detailed design, the construction phase is expected to start in 2018.

An initial consultation May 20th 2015 where the following posters were presented:

 The following are examples of the comments that were made in May.

On February 3rd 2016 we held a second Public Consultation in order to get local people’s views on the options to reduce flood risk alongside the Estuary, Camperdown and the Esplanade. A video of the flood risk and options can be viewed on YouTube. The following are the posters presented on the day:

Results from the February 3rd 2016 consultation are now available.

Following this the EA and East Devon have collaborated to develop a preferred option, which has been agreed by the EA’s Large Project Review Group and funding initially allocated to begin in 2018. 

A video outlining the preferred option can be viewed on Youtube.