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4. 13 January 2020


Council Leader (Chair) - Cllr Ben Ingham (did not vote)

ETC Member – Cllr Aurora Bailey

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Littleham - Cllr Bruce De Saram

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Town - Cllr Olly Davey

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Littleham - Cllr Nick Hookway

Deputy Leader (Vice Chair) - Cllr Susie Bond

Portfolio Holder: Economy - Cllr Kevin Blakey

Portfolio Holder: Sustainable Homes and Communities - Cllr Megan Armstrong


Richard Cohen, Deputy CEO, EDDC

Tim Child, Service Lead – Place, Assets & Commercialisation, EDDC

Alison Hayward, Project Manager, Place, Assets & Commercialisation, EDDC

Linda Perry, Officer, Place, Assets & Commercialisation, EDDC

Lisa Bowman, Exmouth Town Clerk

In attendance via Skype:

Cllr Ian Thomas, Portfolio Holder: Finance

Apologies received from Cllr Steve Gazzard.

Alison Hayward, Project Manager: Place, Assets & Commercialisation provided a brief overview of HemingwayDesign and Lambert Smith Hampton’s Exmouth Vision document that had been circulated in advance of the meeting.

Members had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss, in particular the recommendation to proceed to a formal marketing exercise.

Cllr Ingham asked for members to vote on the following recommendation

Recommendation: It was agreed that the Council follows the recommendation of the HemingwayDesign and Lambert Smith Hampton Vision Document to take Phase 3 of the Queen’s Drive redevelopment area through a marketing exercise.