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3. 19 December 2019


Council Leader (Chair) - Cllr B Ingham

Portfolio Holder: Sustainable Homes and Communities - Cllr M Armstrong

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Littleham - Cllr N Hookway

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Littleham - Cllr Bruce De Saram

ETC Mayor - Cllr S Gazzard

ETC Member – Cllr Aurora Bailey

Tourism Champion – Cllr Chris Wright


Richard Cohen, Deputy CEO, EDDC

Lisa Bowman, Exmouth Town Clerk

In attendance via Skype:

Cllr Ian Thomas, Portfolio Holder: Finance

Cllr Ingham welcomed attendees to the meeting and explained that the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Exmouth Egg proposals following a presentation by its proposers at the October 28 Delivery Group meeting.

The relevant documentation had been circulated in advance of the meeting.

Key themes arising in discussion were that the Egg proposal had a variety of interesting elements to it especially in terms of its broad mix of different activities and encouraging community participation and use of the QD Phase 3 space.

Discussion also explored questions around the balance of commercial investment, free play space, public realm and public space that could allow for a certain mix of non-commercial uses as well. 

There was some concern expressed about the detail and viability of the proposal and how it aligned with the available space. The council’s need to secure best value and the necessity of a fair and robust arrangement for marketing was also considered.

The group agreed that it would meet again in the new year to consider the report from Hemingway design and LSH and future actions arising.