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1. 23 September 2019


Council Leader (Chair) - Cllr B Ingham

Deputy Leader (Vice Chair) - Cllr S Bond

Portfolio Holder: Economy - Cllr K Blakey

Portfolio Holder: Sustainable Homes and Communities - Cllr M Armstrong

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Littleham - Cllr N Hookway

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Littleham - Cllr Bruce De Saram

ETC Mayor - Cllr S Gazzard

Tourism Champion – Cllr C Wright


Richard Cohen, Deputy CEO, EDDC

Alison Hayward, Snr Manager, R&ED, EDDC

Lisa Bowman, Exmouth Town Clerk

Apologies received from Cllr Aurora Bailey and Cllr Olly Davey.

Cllr Ingham welcomed the Delivery Group members and outlined the purpose of the Group – to receive updates on the Queen’s Drive Project, and to discuss relevant issues and findings of reports.

The Group can make recommendations to the council on how the project might progress but is not a decision making group.  The Terms of Reference were circulated.

Richard Cohen and Alison Hayward, provided a brief overview of the work that is currently being undertaken by HemingwayDesign and Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) for the new visioning exercise that the council decided to do in 2016 and responded to questions.

It was reported that Hemingway Design and LSH would be holding a public engagement event on 14th November to report on the findings of their work and make recommendations on the next steps.

Cllr Hookway was invited to give a brief overview of the Exmouth Egg Project. It was agreed that at the next meeting Cllr Hookway and his colleagues could give a more detailed presentation of their ideas on the Exmouth Egg to the Delivery Group.