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5. 28 January 2020


Council Leader (Chair) - Cllr Ben Ingham (did not vote)

ETC Member – Cllr Aurora Bailey

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Littleham - Cllr Bruce De Saram

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Town - Cllr Olly Davey

EDDC Ward Member, Exmouth Littleham - Cllr Nick Hookway

Deputy Leader (Vice Chair) - Cllr Susie Bond

Portfolio Holder: Economy - Cllr Kevin Blakey

Portfolio Holder: Assets – Cllr Geoff Pook

Portfolio Holder: Sustainable Homes and Communities - Cllr Megan Armstrong

EDDC Tourism Champion - Cllr Chris Wright

No officers were present.

  1. The Group noted the content of the cabinet report and discussed the marketing approach. They have the option to speak at cabinet if they disagree with this but there was broad agreement from the QDDG for it.
  2. Exmouth chamber of commerce have requested to join the QDDG.  The Group decided that this was not possible, or for any other organisation to join the DG. If it wants to, the Delivery Group will invite people to attend and speak at future meetings.  
  3. The meeting notes for these Delivery Group meetings will become available and backdated and circulated to the DG. 
  4. The possibility of future Delivery Group meetings being open to the public was discussed.  This will be researched with the Strategic Lead for Governance and Democratic Services, Henry Gordon Lennox.  It is possible that this group could become a formal committee. This may be a requirement for the public to be able to attend. The Group was advised that some aspects will then be discussed as a part B and the meeting group agreed with this.
  5. If Exmouth organisations wish to attend, they can do so by invitation as noted in item 2 above.
  6. If it is appropriate for future consultation to take place (before the public consultation that would take place as part of any planning application, or pre-application process, as was the case with Grenadier Estates), this will be discussed at a future date at the Delivery Group meeting.
  7. At the next meeting of the Delivery Group, there will be a discussion on exploring the expansion of the Dinosaur Park (children’s play area on Queen’s Drive Space).
  8. For the next meeting, there will be three discussion points:

       a.    The land allocation

       b.    The types of play, free and to play for

       c.    What people would like to see as the F&B facilities within the public open space area.