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5. Tree and Orchard Trail


We are working with Anne-Marie Culhane who is our artist in residence to research and investigate new projects that engage us all with the wilder side of Exmouth. Anne-Marie works with people and places to create new spaces for people to come together in the land and devises events which combine the arts, learning, sharing and celebrating.

She has been working with communities, local groups and individuals to create a vision for future trails and events in Exmouth.

Anne-Marie has started to plant over 15 fruit trees with people in North West Exmouth as part of our Constellation Orchard Project. This will create additional tree habitat to link with the Orchard Trail that is beginning to root in Exmouth! 

We have now established 5 new orchards: 

1. With the National Trust at Lower Halsdon Farm. Top of cycleway near Exeter Road. Pear, Apple, Quince and Cherry. 45 Trees.

2. Point in View Chapel, off Summer Lane. Apple, Pear, Cherry and Apricot. 20 Trees.

3. Carter Avenue Park. Apple, Pear and Cherry. 15 Trees.

4. Garratt Close: 10 Trees

5. Brixington Park: 12 Trees