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2. Transparency code datasets

We are committed to the transparency code. Under this code various datasets and other information have to be published.

We are publishing the datasets, in line with the national government guidance, on the national data website -

As we add more datasets to, this page will be updated with the links to those datasets.

In addition to the datasets, the transparency code specifies we must publish other information that can be published as documents - these are listed below and are published elsewhere on this website. 


Expenditure exceeding £500 - we publish this dataset monthly, with complete financial year's data being published annually. This dataset includes spending using corporate procurement cards.

Grants over £500 - we publish this dataset annually. For more information please see the grants and funding section.

Car Park Places - East Devon have published a simple listing of each Car Park covered by a Car Park Order.  This covers off road parking.

Purchase orders over £5,000  - we publish this dataset monthly.  We will also publish complete financial year's data when we have a full year to report on.

Local authority land - this lists all our non-housing assets.  We are currently involved in a project to improve the data quality of this dataset. For this reason this dataset is updated weekly.

Social Housing Asset Value Is a list of the valuation of the value of social housing stock that is held in our Housing Revenue Account.

This dataset contains valuations as of April 2015 and occupancy as of October 2015.  Future year's data should be from the same time point once data have been migrated to a new system.

The District Valuer applies an Existing Use Value – Social Housing reduction to the freehold  Vacant possession Fair Value of the stock.  % used for 2014/15 accounts was 31%.


Constitution - This is published in the council and democracy section of this website.

Senior Salaries and responsibilities - are to be found in the pay and reward policies and senior staff pay section.

Pay Multiple - the relationship between remuneration of chief officers and the remuneration of other staff is on our pay policy statement for senior officers page.

Trade union facility time - paid time off for union representatives to carry out trade union duties.

Other Reports, Datasets and Registers

In addition to the datasets required by the Transparency Code we have to publish other information.  We will be listing all these here to make it easy to find.

The Council is  required to maintain a public register containing information on all the installations they are responsible for. You can view the East Devon  public register online.

The Council is required to provide information on the income and expenditure of the authority’s parking account. This information can be found on page 33 of the Council's accounts.

The Council is required to publish the following information in respect of our counter fraud work;

  • We have not used powers under the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud (Power to require information) (England) Regulations 2014 or similar powers.
  • There are 1.77 (1.6 FTE East Devon + 0.17 FTE from Social Fraud Housing Project) employees undertaking investigations and prosecutions of fraud.
  • There are 1.77 (1.6FTE East Devon + 0.17 FTE from Social Fraud Housing Project) professionally accredited counter fraud specialists.
  • We have spent £107,832.66 on the investigation and prosecution of fraud.  
  • We have investigated 145 (141 Housing Benefit + 4 Tenancy fraud) cases of fraud.

The Council is required to provide certain information in respect of the waste collection contract. This is as follows:

  • Reference Number – not applicable.
  • Title of agreement – ‘Recycling, Waste Collection and Associated Services Contract’.
  • Department responsible - Environment (Streetscene).
  • Description of service – The provision of waste collection and recycling services.
  • The supplier name - SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK LTD
  • Annual spend - £4,087,360.
  • VAT which cannot be recovered – none.
  • Contract period – 4th August 2016 to 4th August 2023 (can be extended up to 3 years after this - 2026)
  • Awarding of contract – OJEU contract award notice 23/02/2016.
  • Company information – SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK LTD registered at Companies House (Co. Regn. No. 02291198)

Strata Business Plan

Strata Business Plan - 2021 / 2022 and Beyond

Cremations and Burials data 2018/2021

For information on how many Burials an Interment of cremated remains EDDC has carried out in each of its cemeteries each year since 2018 please see below:

EDDC doesn't manage a crematorium and so there is no data to provide for the number of cremations.

Records for burials wasn't collected and isn't available pre 2018.
Data for Burials (B) and Interment of Cremated Remains (I) from 2018 per cemetery is as follows:

Sidmouth Cemetery:

No. interment / burials 2018 /2019 = 19 (B) 17 (I)
No. interment / burials 2019 /2020 = 18 (B) 23 (I)
No. interment / burials 2020 /2021 = 26 (B) 8 (I)

Sidbury Cemetery:

No. interment / burials 2018 /2019 = 8 (B) 6 (I)
No. interment / burials 2019 /2020 = 8 (B) 3 (I)
No. interment / burials 2020 /2021 = 12 (B) 3 (I)

Seaton Cemetery:

No. interment / burials 2018 /2019 = 36 (B) 17 (I)
No. interment / burials 2019 /2020 = 19 (B) 22 (I)
No. interment / burials 2020 /2021 = 29 (B) 12 (I)