East Devon District Council's constitution

East Devon District Council's constitution commits the Council to its role as a community leader, with a strategic purpose to deliver outstanding services and plan for the future of the District.

The Council is the primary body in respect of setting out overall policies and budgeting and is responsible for ensuring performance review of the Cabinet and other Committees. How those committees work is described in the constitution.

The constitution also sets out how the council operates, how decisions are made, and the procedures that are followed to ensure that the council is efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Constitution of May 2021, in full

Constitution Part 1 Summary and Explanation
Constitution Part 2 Articles of the Constitution
Constitution Part 3 Section 1 Responsibilities for functions
Constitution Part 3 Section 2 Terms of reference and delegated powers of committees
Constitution Part 3 Section 3 Delegated powers of officers
Constitution Part 4 Rules of procedure
Constitution Part 5.1 Members' code of conduct
Constitution Part 5.2 Code of conduct for employees
Constitution Part 5.3 Code of practice for councillors and officers dealing with planning matters
Constitution Part 5.4 Protocol for relationships between Members and officers
Constitution Part 5.5 Council's petition scheme
Constitution Part 5.6 Member champion protocol
Constitution Part 6 Members allowance scheme
Constitution Part 7 Management Structure
Constitution Part 8 Strata terms of reference and rules of procedure
Constitution Part 9 South East Devon Habitat Regulations Executive Committee terms of reference and rules of procedure