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2. Help with Energy Costs

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Information on grants and advice services to help reduce and pay your energy bills

Save Energy, Save Money

Take a look at our 'Save Energy, Save Money' information leaflet for useful tips on how small changes to your daily habits can have a big impact on your energy bills.

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Save Energy, Save Money Information Leaflet

Home Improvement Grants and Loans

Get help to reduce your energy bills and find out what grants and loans are available to make your home safer and warmer.

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Find out about energy efficiency, grants and loans

ECOE Home Energy Advisor

Get free energy assessments and advice to help you save money, energy and water in your home, provided by Exeter Community Energy.

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Find out more from ECOE Home Energy Advisor

Energy Saving Trust

Get energy advice to make your home more energy efficient, reduce your carbon emissions and lower your energy bills.

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Found out more from Energy Saving Trust

Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert

Get energy saving tips and advice on what to do if you are struggling to pay your household bills.

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Find out more from Money Saving Expert

Citizens Advice

Get advice on a wide range of energy supply matters.

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Find out more from Citizens Advice

Cold Calling

There have been reports of ‘council representatives’ knocking on doors and offering home energy improvements. Please note the council and ECOE will not cold call for home improvements grants.

Installers of the ECO3 grant should not cold call. Our advice is never to engage with cold callers, both on the doorstep or on the telephone. The grant funding and energy efficiency industry is going through massive change at the moment, so it’s a good time to get impartial advice about what’s right for you and your home. If an offer on the doorstep sounds too good to be true, it’s worth checking with EDDC, Trading Standards or ECOE.