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2. Housing Benefit advice for landlords

Requests to guarantee Housing Benefit before a tenancy starts

We can only give a verbal estimate based on the information your new tenant gives us and the Local Housing Allowance rate which applies to them. We are unable to give any written guarantees about Housing Benefit payments due to the following reasons:

  • we do not have the full details of your tenant's income
  • any Housing Benefit would be paid directly to your tenant, so we cannot guarantee that your tenant will pay this to you and
  • your tenant's circumstances could change after taking on the tenancy

Payment of Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit will normally be paid directly to your tenant. If your tenant is unable to manage their finances, we may be able to make the payment direct to you instead. Please contact us if you wish us to consider payment to yourself.

If your tenant is eight weeks or more in rent arrears, we will make the payment direct to you.

Payments are made every four weeks in arrears. We will make the first payment as soon as possible to bring you into the normal four weekly payment dates.

You can now securely view your tenant's up to date Housing Benefit payment details.


If you receive Housing Benefit payments for your tenant(s) directly from the Council, you are under a duty to tell the benefits team immediately about any changes to your tenants circumstances that you become aware of. Examples include your tenant moving out or changes in the rent being charged.

If you fail to advise us you may be liable to repay any overpayment.

Lettings information

Rent officers for the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) are required to collect lettings information for their database as part of their work. The database is critical to their ability to make reliable, representative and robust decisions.