Guide A guide to arranging a burial

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4. Garden of remembrance

The Gardens of remembrance proved an area where the cremated remains of a loved one my be scattered. In Sidmouth cemetery there is also an area for the interment of ashes in un-purchased graves. When ashes have been scattered in Seaton garden of rest  a plaque with the deceases name, year of birth and year of death must be purchased to place on the wall of remembrance.

The memorial wall in Sidmouth cemetery is now full.

To apply to scatter or inter ashes in the garden of rest in Seaton or Sidmouth cemeteries you will need to book a provisional date, we will then send you the necessary paper work to complete.

There is no provision for the scattering of ashes in Sidbury cemetery

Scattering of ashes in other areas 

Bereavement services are unable to give permission for the scattering of ashes in areas other than with our gardens of remembrance.  You would need to seek the permission of the landowner before scattering ashes in other areas. For land owned by The Council please use our online contact us form