Guide Become a District councillor

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1. What does the Council do?

East Devon District Council (EDDC) provides local services to residents and visitors to the district. These include environmental health, planning, and recycling and refuse collection to list a few. The Council works in partnership with other public and voluntary organisations, including the police and health authorities, to improve the quality of life in East Devon.  Councillors make the decisions that guide the council, and council officers implement the decisions according to laws and guidelines.

East Devon residents expect high performance and value for money, particularly in these challenging times.

The council plan has clear purposes that underpin the work of its services and councillors for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.

 East Devon District Council is made up of 60 councillors who represent individual wards across the district.  As a councillor you will represent everyone in your ward - not just those that voted for you.  You will be a:

  • Representative, acting as a source of information or point of access to council services;
  • Community Leader, developing links with all parts of the community and supporting local partnerships and organisations to campaign on local issues;
  • Policy maker, attending meetings to discuss and approve council budget and policy.  The Leader may invite you to become a Cabinet member to oversee implementation of the process;
  • Scrutineer, you may become involved to act as the Council's "watchdog" to review and improve services for local people and investigate issues of local concern.

We need councillors who are ready to take on a challenge - it's not a role that you can leave at the office at 5pm, the public can contact you at home at any time of day.  Not all decisions are easy and many can be controversial - but you can make a positive difference.