Policy Anti - Bribery Policy

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2. Our commitments

The Council is committed to helping everyone involved in the work of the Council to act honestly and with integrity at all times.  Our Anti-Fraud, Theft and Corruption Policy is closely linked with this Anti-Bribery Policy and both are designed to:

  • Encourage prevention of unlawful activity
  • Promote detection, and
  • Identify a clear approach for investigation

Our specific commitments in relation to anti-bribery are to: 

  • Set out a clear anti-bribery policy and keep it up to date
  • Train all employees so that they can recognise and avoid the use of bribery by themselves and others
  • Encourage our employees to be vigilant and to report any suspicions of bribery by making sure it is easy to report and by sensitive handling of information
  • Investigate any evidence that points to alleged bribery and support the Police and other appropriate authorities in any resulting prosecution
  • Take appropriate action against any individual(s) involved in bribery, including potentially using the Disciplinary Policy and involving the Police.
  • Include appropriate clauses in contracts to prevent bribery.

The Council is also committed to the seven principles of public life which are shown in Appendix 1.  The Council’s own values are also relevant and worth repeating here:

  • Open
  • Caring
  • Listening
  • Accountable
  • Looking Forwards