Policy Anti - Bribery Policy

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7. Prevention and reporting

Our Anti Fraud, Theft and Corruption Policy sections on culture, members, systems and reporting are all relevant to this Anti Bribery Policy. In essence, our work to make sure the six principles (described in paragraph 5.2) and procedures outlined in the Anti Fraud, Theft and Corruption Policy are embedded mean we have adequate procedures in place to demonstrate a culture/organisation where bribery and corruption are unlikely to succeed.

The array of preventative systems, particularly internal control systems within the Council, has been designed to provide indicators of any fraudulent activity, although generally they should be sufficient in themselves to deter fraud. It is often the alertness of staff, Members and the public to indicators of fraud, theft bribery or corruption that enables detection to occur and the appropriate action to take place when there is evidence that fraud or corruption may be in progress.

Reporting is essential and:

  • ensures consistent treatment of information on fraud, theft, bribery and corruption
  • facilitates proper investigation
  • enables the council to properly implement an investigation plan.