Policy Code of Corporate Governance

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4. Principle C

Principle C – Defining outcomes in terms of sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits

We will:

  • Have a clear vision, which is an agreed formal statement of the Council’s purpose and intended outcomes containing appropriate performance indicators, which provide the basis for the Council’s overall strategy, planning and other decisions.
  • Specify the intended impact on, or changes for, stakeholders including citizens and service users. This could be immediately or over the course of a year or longer.
  • Deliver defined outcomes on a sustainable basis within the resources that will be available.
  • Identify and manage risks to achieve outcomes.
  • Manage service users’ expectations effectively with regard to determining priorities and making the best use of the resources available.
  • Consider and balance the combined economic, social and environmental impact of policies and plans when taking decisions about service provision.
  • Take a longer-term view with regard to decision making, taking account of risk and acting transparently where there are potential conflicts between the Council’s intended outcomes and short-term factors such as the political cycle or financial constraints.
  • Determine the wider public interest associated with balancing conflicting interests between achieving the various economic, social and environmental benefits, through consultation where possible, in order to ensure appropriate trade-offs.
  • Ensure fair access to services.

When this policy has been published and will be reviewed

Policy published 9 January 2017 Last updated 19 August 2021