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3. How we assess our partnerships

Before entering into or continuing any partnership the potential benefit of the Council’s participation should be assessed against its own aims, objectives and responsibilities.

A partnership maybe appropriate when:

  • The work of the partnership supports and contributes to the council’s strategic priorities and supports the council’s principles and ethos such as equalities and diversity;
  • The work of the partnership benefits residents, businesses and visitors to the district;
  • The partnership is able to carry out or support functions the council needs efficiently, or enable better performance than we could do on our own;
  • Arrangements are in place to regularly monitor and report on the effectiveness of the partnership; and
  • There is clarity of roles and remit of the partnership and the appointed officer / members.

A set of questions are available at Appendix A that provide a useful guide to  assessing the appropriateness of a partnership. These should be reviewed at the start of any negotiations for joining or creating a partnership.