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7. External Contacts

If for any reason you do not wish to use the internal arrangements set out above, or require additional support and advice, a list of some of the prescribed people and bodies to whom you can make a disclosure and whose functions have particular relevance to councils work are given below.

• The Certification Officer (www.certoffice.org)

• Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) (www.hmrc.gov.uk)

• Serious Fraud Office Confidential (www.sfo.gov.uk)

• The Health & Safety Executive (www.hse.gov.uk)

• The Environment Agency (www.environment-agency.gov.uk)

• The Food Standards Agency (www.food.gov.uk)

• The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)  (www.homesandcommunities.co.uk)

• Relevant professional bodies or regulatory organisations

• A solicitor or legal advisor

• The Police

• The Local Government Ombudsman (www.lgo.org.uk)

• The Council’s External Auditors (KPMG)(www.kpmg.com/uk)