Policy Pay policy statement for senior officers

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6. Appendix One - Levels of pay for senior staff

East Devon District Council

Organisation code: E07000040

The pay multiples of the highest taxable earnings for 2020/21 as at 1 April 2021 and Median earnings for the authorities workforce.

The taxable remuneration used to calculate the Median FTE pay for the workforce are:

a.    Salaries as at 1 April 2021

b.    Market Supplements & Honorariums for 2021/22

c.     Taxable payments for out of hours schemes operated on a rota basis based on 2020/21 actuals

d.    Additional Hours & Overtime payments paid in the year for 2020/21 based on actuals

e.    Lease car benefit in kind values and car allowances for 2021/22

f.      Other taxable payments in the year for 2020/21 based on actuals.

The FTE remuneration of the lowest paid employee


Post   Title






Other Allowances/Payments


Building Cleaner







Pay Multiples as at 1 April 2020

Annual Median FTE salary of all employees


Pay multiple of Chief Executive to median FTE salary



Pay ratio of Chief executive to lowest paid FTE employee