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13. I am experiencing financial hardship and have Council Tax to pay - what can I do?

Council Tax Reduction

If you have lost your employment or have been moved onto reduced hours you may qualify for some help through Council Tax Reduction.

Exceptional Hardship payments

If you are already receiving help through the Council Tax Reduction scheme and see a further drop in income, please first report this change to us as it may be that you qualify for additional help anyway. If you have already done this and need us to consider helping you for a period of time please complete this form.

Universal Credit

If you are of working age and your income has been affected by coronavirus you can look to claim Universal Credit. If you pay a rent you will also be able to ask for help with that payment.

Housing Benefit

For working age customers the majority of people will need to claim Universal Credit. People of retirement age and those that are eligible are able to claim Housing Benefit to pay their rent.