Guide East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership plans

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3. Priorities 2022-25

The Community Safety Partnership (CSP), will work together to make both East and Mid Devon safe places in which to live, work and visit.

The CSP uses analytical data gathered within the Devon Strategic Assessment and the Devon and Cornwall Peninsula Crime and Disorder Strategic Assessment to help identify key trends and hotspots of crime and disorder.  It was acknowledged within both reports that crime in general is falling year on year but there are different types of crime coming to the fore such as cyber-crime and fraud, and others where recent media exposure has increased public confidence to report, such as domestic and sexual crimes.

As a result of assessment and consultation our priorities will be as follows:

East & Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership

Proposed three year plan 2022/25.  Our focus will be on:

A Trauma Informed Awareness approach will be applied to all the following themes -

Violent Crime

  • Sexual Violence and Domestic Violence & Abuse
  • Street Safety (including street drinking)
  • Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking
  • Violence Against Women & Girls

 Youth and Community Risk and Vulnerability

  • Community Wellbeing (including Mental Health issues)
  • Exploitation
  • Prevent (of extremist views)
  • Hate Crime
  • Anti-social Behaviour

Projects will look to cover the following

  • Continued Partnership working with other Devon CSPs to consider joint project working and funding applications.
  • Training and awareness raising for staff and practitioners on the Trauma Informed Approach and other community safety priority areas.
  • Supporting communities and organisations to be more aware of community safety priorities and their role in tackling these as a joint approach, and supporting funding bids.
  • Work will include resilience building for children and young people across all themes.
  • Responding to the Violent Crime Act responsibilities.
  • Continuing work around reducing violence towards women and girls.
  • Lower level mental health needs to build support/capacity before crisis.

The CSP will remain aware and vigilant of emerging threats and local priorities within our communities, and respond in a positive, proactive way.

The Community Safety Groups (CSGs) and the thematic groups will tailor their own action plans to localised activities in these key areas.

All communities across East and Mid Devon will continue to receive a high standard of support from agencies within the CSP, and will be encouraged to contribute in order to achieve these objectives.