Guide Importing and Exporting food from your business

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1. Application form for export certificate

If your foodstuffs contain products of animal origin, (meat, diary, eggs, etc.) you probably need a formal Veterinary Export Health Certificate which is issued by the Animal and Plant Health Agency. 

For the majority of fishery products and products with no animal materials in, you are more likely to need a Health Certificate.

To complete an application for a Health Certificate for your export consignment you will need to know what wording the destination country wants on the certificate.

We have a standard fee per certificate of £75 for certifying a product has been produced in a premises which has been regularly inspected and complies with UK food hygiene legislation.

If you require a certificate specifying a particular product has been personally inspected please contact us to establish what specific inspection is required and what additional fee will arise from this.   

We cannot certify as to ingredients or formulations of products unless we are present for the entire production run of that specific product to see what has and has not gone in to the product. We will not certify as to ingredients based upon recipes or verbal descriptions of the product. 

Please complete the form and email it to

Telephone the Business Support unit on 01395 517456 to pay the fee.