Please read our information about running a scrap metal dealing business before you apply.

How to apply to renew

You need to renew your licence every 3 years. You can apply to renew by downloading the application form which can be filled in electronically and emailed to us here: or you can send a printed hardcopy here:

Environmental Health Services (Environmental Protection)   

East Devon District Council, Blackdown House, Border Road, Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton, EX14 1EJ 

You'll need to tell us:

  • your details
  • details of any relevant environmental permit or registration
  • where scrap metal will be stored before disposal
  • details of all vehicles to be used under the collector's licence including registration numbers, make, body style, colour and model
  • if your business involves motor salvage
  • details of the bank account that will be used to pay for scrap metal
  • details of any conviction for a relevant offence or any relevant enforcement action

You'll need to send us a Basic Disclosure Certificate from  This must not be more than three months old. 

How to make changes

You can also use this application to make changes to your licence for example if you change your trading name or no longer carry on business as a scrap metal dealer.


You'll be charged a fee for this.  Please make sure you are aware of how much this will cost.

What you need when you apply:

You'll need a credit or debit card.

You'll need to know the details of all vehicles to be used.

You'll need to attach a Basic Disclosure Certificate from  The certificate must be issued no more than three months before the date of the application.

Any personal information which you provide will be held and used by East Devon District Council for the purpose of issuing your scrap metal licence and on the basis of public task and our legal obligation under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964.  

Who will receive or see my personal information?

Your information may also be shared within East Devon District Council for the purposes of carrying out our lawful functions. Otherwise your personal information will not be disclosed to anybody outside East Devon District Council without your permission, unless there is a lawful reason to do so, for example disclosure is necessary for crime prevention or detection purposes. Your information will be held securely and will not be retained for any longer than is necessary. There are a number of rights available to you in relation to our use of your personal information, depending on the reason for processing. Further detail about our use of your personal information can be found in the relevant Privacy Notice which can be accessed here.

What's next?

When we receive your application we'll check it to make sure it's been completed correctly.  We'll telephone you if there is anything else we need.

As soon as we have the complete application and all the information we need, we'll accept it.  We'll then send a copy of your application to the police and the environmental health service and make checks with the Environment Agency.

If no representations are received from any of these authorities, your application will be granted and we'll send you your licence in the post.  We'll also send you an internal cab identification for each vehicle used that must be displayed on the vehicle so that it can be easily read by a person outside.

If representations are received then a hearing must be heard before members of the licensing sub committee unless all parties agree this isn't necessary.

After the hearing we'll write to you with the decision.  

What you can do if you haven't heard from us

It is in the public interest that we process your application before deciding if it can be granted.  This means that you'll need to wait for our decision before you start operating.  If after a month you haven't heard from us please contact us by email or telephone for an update.

What you can do if your application is unsuccessful

Please contact us in the first instance:

The Principal Environmental Health Officer (Environmental Protection)   

East Devon District Council, Blackdown House, Border Road, Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton, EX14 1EJ 

Tel: 01395 571647


If an application to renew a collector's licence is refused you can appeal.  You can also appeal any decision to:

  • impose conditions on the licence
  • revoke or vary the licence

All appeals must be made to a magistrates court within 21 days of notice of the decision:

North and East Devon Magistrates Court, Southernhay Gardens, Exeter, EX1 1UH

Tel: 01392 415300.

Other ways to do it

You can fill in a paper version of the form and send it to us in the post or bring it into our office.

You will need to fill in the application form and send this to us with:

  • a Basic Disclosure Certificate from (no more than three months old)
  • a cheque for the fee

Making changes

If you want to make changes to your collector's licence you can email us or write to us with the new details.

If you want to come in to our offices and speak to a licensing officer then please telephone first to make sure that someone is available.