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6. Older people

During the pandemic, Government guidance was that older people are at increased risk of severe illness and needed to be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures and staying at home. Given this, it is natural that older people, particularly those with pre-existing medical conditions, would feel concerned or affected by changes you had to make to your daily life.

The following suggestions may help with any difficult feelings and help you look after your mental health:

Stay connected

Draw on support you might have through your friends, family and other networks. Try to stay in touch with those around you, even if this might be over the phone, by post, or online. Let people know how you would like to stay in touch and build contacts into your routine.

Get practical help

If you need help, ask for it and let those around you know what they can do. If you need help but you’re not sure who to contact, Age UK runs an advice line (0800 678 1602 – lines are open every day including bank holidays 8 am-7 pm). This advice line is a free, confidential, independent, national phone service for older people, their families, friends, carers and professionals.