Guide Mental wellbeing

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4. People with a learning disability

You may have found the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak stressful. You may still be worried about changes that might happen , including having to stay at home. You may also be worried about your family or those close to you.

There are ways you can take care of yourself:

  • Keep in touch with people you trust (like friends, family and employer) - follow the latest guidance
  • there may be self-advocacy groups in your area offering support  - you can ask your families or carers for help to search for these groups
  • it is important to get information about coronavirus (COVID-19) only from places you can trust, such as the NHS website

It is important not to forget about any other health conditions you might have. Make sure you take any medication you have been prescribed, keep any hospital appointments you have (unless you have been told otherwise by the hospital) and tell people if you can’t attend appointments.