In October 2000, Bickerdike Allen Partners (BAP) were commissioned by East Devon District Council (EDDC) to carry out an independent noise impact appraisal of Exeter Airport with specific reference to proposed residential developments in the vicinity.

Exeter Airport is an established strategic transport facility, important to the South West and anticipated to continue to develop. The noise report concluded that residential development south of the old A30 was likely to be regularly affected by noise from the airport which could not be adequately mitigated. Effectively, for this and other reasons, the line of the old A30 was established as the southern boundary for development in the Cranbrook vicinity.

The 2001 report is available from us as electronic or hardcopy documents by contacting or 01395 517456. It is in several parts:

EDDC Local Plan Report Proposed Residential Developments around Exeter Airport July 2001 Ref A5441/R2A

Appendix 1 - Documents Studied

Appendix 2 - Meeting Notes 1 June 2001

Appendix 3 - Maintenance Operations Statement

Appendix 4 - Engine Testing Noise Trials 15 June 2001

Engine Test Location - A3 Map

Currently, the development of the Cranbrook New Community in East Devon near to Exeter Airport is well underway. As of the 1st October 2015 there were over 1,100 occupied homes and a further 2,400 with the benefit of planning permission. The new East Devon Local Plan to 2031 anticipates Cranbrook expanding to accommodate circa 8,000 homes equating to a population of around 20,000 people. The expansion of Cranbrook is to be guided by a master planning exercise (the Cranbrook Masterplan) and already there are live applications for over 4,500 additional homes. It is an over-riding aim that Cranbrook develops as a healthy, sustainable and vibrant community whilst also safeguarding the operation of Exeter International Airport.

A planning application has been submitted for a large expansion area south of the old A30, much closer to the airport than identified to date. In order to properly assess this application and other expansion sites, EDDC identified a pressing need to obtain an updated noise report.

In 2015 BAP were instructed by EDDC to update the previous noise impact appraisal. This involved noise modelling and noise monitoring.  The EDDC Exeter Airport Noise Impact Assessment - Parts 1 & 2 Final 03/5/16 Ref A9894-R03-PH document can be supplied by us as electronic or hardcopy by contacting or 01395 517456.