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7. Cranbrook Plan preferred approach - consultation 2017/18

The Cranbrook Plan: Your future, your say

The Preferred approach document for the Cranbrook Plan presented an opportunity for people to comment on the future development at Cranbrook - looking at the distribution of required housing as well as the type and location of associated infrastructure.  This consultation has now closed and comments received are being assessed.  

Information on the background to the Cranbrook Plan, the evidence that supports it and the Issues and Options Consultation that was carried out in 2016 can be found by clicking on the links at the top of this page.

Preferred Approach

The Cranbrook Plan: Preferred Approach comprises the masterplan for Cranbrook, and a separate list of policy requirements.

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Cranbrook is part of the NHS England Healthy New Towns programme and in recognising this the masterplan aims to establish a compact urban form where neighbourhood centres and locate facilities are within a short walk of the majority of homes. Mature trees and hedgerows shall form a landscape structure that is an integral part of the masterplan. Key destinations shall include neighbourhood centres, employment areas, parks and schools, rail stations and bus stops. Pedestrian and cycle routes to these destinations shall be attractive and highly legible

The masterplan accommodates around 4,000 new homes in the proposed extensions to Cranbrook, three primary schools, a Special Educational Needs school, two neighbourhood centres, employment land, two gypsy and traveller sites and open space and sports provision.

Following collection and analysis of the evidence, the masterplan for the expansion of Cranbrook proposes development in the following four areas:

Blue Hayes – land to the west of Cranbrook Phase 1

Treasbeare – land to the south of London Road, north of Exeter Airport

Cobdens – land to the east of Cranbrook Phase 1

Grange – land to the south-east of London Road

Supporting the Masterplan is a consultation policy requirement document.  This formally provides the identified allocations, key expectations for the four expansion areas and sets out a series of policy topics and headings and the evidence to support them.  It includes policies relating to development management issues such as design, connectivity and parking. To help delivery the requirements of the expansion and ensure there are appropriate resources and facilities available for the community an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) report which is also included on this agenda and provides further information regarding infrastructure delivery.

Links to the full masterplan and policy requirement document are below:

Cranbrook Plan: Preferred Approach Masterplan Document

Cranbrook Plan: Preferred Approach policy requirement document


The Cranbrook Plan – Preferred Approach documents are also complimented by a sustainability appraisal.   This assessment looks at proposals in the plan, and alternatives, from a sustainable development perspective and comments are also sought on this assessment work.  Links to the sustainability appraisal document are below: