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17. Cranbrook Plan Inspector’s Report

On 11 August 2022 The Planning Inspectorate issued the Inspector’s report on the examination of the Cranbrook Plan. The Inspector has concluded that subject to Main Modifications, the Plan is sound and can be taken forward by East Devon District Council for formal adoption.

Once adopted, the Plan will form part of the Council’s ‘Development Plan’, alongside the current Local Plan, the Villages Plan and all ‘made’ neighbourhood plans.

The Inspector’s report and accompanying appendix, setting out the required main modifications can be accessed by clicking on the relevant titles:

Cranbrook Local Plan Inspectors Report - Final

Cranbrook Local Plan Main Mods Appendix - Final

As a result of the period of National Mourning, the Strategic Planning Committee on 14 September at which the Plan was due to be discussed, was postponed. The Plan will now be presented to the Strategic Planning Committee at a meeting to be held on Tuesday 4 October 2022 at 10am. The Committee’s recommendation on the adoption of the Plan will go on to a meeting of the Council on Wednesday 19 October 2022. Both the Strategic Planning Committee and the meeting of the Council will be live streamed on the Council’s YouTube channel.