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9. Preferred approach consultation responses 2017-18

The documents below are copies of all the representations received as part of the Cranbrook Plan: Preferred Approach consultation, which ran from 10 November 2017 – 8 January 2018.

Representations from members of the public have been edited to remove personal names and/or contact details where no explicit permission to publish them was given. Some text within representations has also been removed where it contained personal or sensitive information or statements.

A and R Street
Alan Lascelles
Anthony May
Arthur Street
Aylesbeare Parish Council
Bernard Lane
Bell Cornwell on behalf of Cranbrook LVA
Bell Cornwell on behalf of Stuart Partners Ltd
Broadclyst Parish Council
Cllr E Rylance
Cllr M Allen
Clyst Honiton Parish Council
Cranbrook Healthy New Town Executive Group
Cranbrook Town Council
David, Jackie and Christian Blackett
David Blackett
David Lock Associates on behalf of East Devon New Community Partners
David Farnworth
Dawn Cutts
DCH Group
Devon Countryside Access Forum
Devon County Council
Devon Senior Voice
EDDC summary of Gypsy and Traveller Responses
Eileen A Mockford
Emma Croft
Emma Weatherhead
Environment Agency
Equality and Human Rights Commission
FAB Link Ltd
GVA on behalf of St Modwen
Hazel Procter
Highways England
Ian Bruce
Jeremy Rogers and Tanya Freeze
Jeremy Wollen
Jillings Hutton Planning
Julie Gay and Matthew Brailsford
Leslie Screen
Malcolm Hughes
Malcolm Roker
Martin and Linda Richards
Martin Kingston
Martyn Horn
Massey Family
Michael Ellingham
Mrs C Faulkner
Mrs J Glennie
National Grid
National Trust
Natural England
Network Rail
Nigel Jones
P Cuff and S Thomas
Paul and Lorraine Howe
Paul Davies
Paul Matthews
PCL Planning on behalf of Waddeton Park Ltd
Persimmon Homes
Peter Boekman
Peter Healey
Phillip Taylor
Regional and City Airports
Respondent 1
Respondent 2
Respondent 3
Respondent 4
Respondent 5
Respondent 7
Respondent 8
Respondent 10
Respondent 11
Respondent 12
Respondent 13
Respondent 14
Respondent 15
Respondent 16
Respondent 17
Respondent 18
Respondent 20
Respondent 21
Respondent 23
Respondent 24
Respondent 25
Respondent 26
Respondent 27
Respondent 28
Respondent 29
Respondent 30
Respondent 31
Respondent 32
Respondent 33
Respondent 34
Respondent 36
Respondent 38
Respondent 39
Respondent 40
Respondent 41
Respondent 42
Respondent 43
Respondent 45
Respondent 46
Respondent 47
Respondent 51
Respondent 53
Respondent 55
Respondent 56
Respondent 58
Respondent 61
Respondent 63
Respondent 64
Respondent 65
Respondent 66
Respondent 67
Respondent 68
Respondent 69
Respondent 70
Respondent 71
Revd Lythan Nevard
Richard Ayre
Robert and Sally Beattie
Rockbeare Parish Council
Sarah Chamberlain
Sharon Down
Somerset County Council
South West Water
Sport England
Stephen and Edna Cutts
Stephen Lawrence
Stephen Schlich (1)
Stephen Schlich (2)
Susan Marshall
Teresa Hughes
Tetlow King Planning on behalf of Rentplus UK Ltd
Ulrich Hewald
University of Exeter Centre for Energy and Environment
Whimple Parish Council